Jonathan Clancy

Art Advisory


Research and Cataloging

If you need a collection guide, assistance cataloging a neglected part of your collection, or research into specific objects or makers, we can help.  As an author and educator Jonathan Clancy has written extensively on diverse topics and cataloged nationally-known collections.  

Grant Application Assistance

It's rare that any institution ever claims to have enough money to satisfy all of its needs.  This is why applying for and receiving grants is imperative for responsible fiscal stewardship and growth.  From identifying funding sources, to writing / editing application materials, to helping you plan and complete the process, we can help.

Interpretive Services

Sometimes its hard to see a collection you are familiar with through new eyes, but often that's precisely what is needed for successful audience engagement.  Whether the issue is public facing (like your website) or internal (like your exhibitions and didactic material) we can help your institution engage new audiences by crafting new narratives and refining existing materials.  From exhibition design, to curatorial services, to help building consensus amongst the board and staff, we partner with institutions to make sure their collections are presented in the most engaging light.     

Condition Reports

Accurate condition reports are an essential component in shipping and in identifying conservation needs.  Unfortunately, they can also be a drain staff resources that prevents professionals in your institution from doing important work that needs to get done.  We provide detailed condition reports and thorough photographic documentation on site or at any desired location.  We can also assist with acquisition and de-accessioning needs.  


Jonathan Clancy has lectured on a variety of topics from Colonial Painting to Studio Ceramics and is available for panel discussions, stand alone lectures, and short courses.  With over than a decade of teaching experience at both the graduate and undergradute levels, designing both survey and specialized courses, there is little he has not covered in the classroom.  Lectures can be drawn from existing topics or tailored to meet the needs of your programming.  For a list of topics on which he has presented, click here.